Hi, I'm Chung

I am a Mathematics and Physics undergraduate in the UK with a keen interest in molecular dynamics and DFT, quantum computing and particle physics.

Please contact me for my CV, opportunities and any questions!


Moire Phonons in Twisted Bilayers of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

My research project undertaken in 2023, to study the localised phonon modes of TMDs using simulation models and machine-learned interatomic potentials.

Status: Complete.

Personal Blog

My personal website and blog powered by Vue 3 + Nuxt 3.

Status: Currently exploring CMS backends..

Other Projects

Development Flake

A Nix flake intended to setup reproducible programming contexts (currently C/C++, Python, LaTeX, Node/Web development) with a focus on scientific development and visualisation. Features modularity, hermeticity and direct integration with VSCode. Originally created for my own usage. Works best on nix-based systems.

Status: Ongoing.

Physics Notes

Notes I have contributed to and/or written for Warwick Physics students.

Status: Ongoing.

VSCode Firefox Quantum Themes

A simple VSCode theme designed to replicate the feel of Mozilla Firefox's DevTools. Written in TypeScript.

Status: Paused.


Ever-evolving declarative configuration files for my personal NixOS setup with Nix Flakes. Manages multiple systems, secrets management through sops-nix (mozilla-sops); reproducible and hermetic project management through direnv with a focus on scientific and software development; declarative and reproducible home environments with home-manager.

Status: Ongoing.